Last Update - November 21 2017 06:46pm


Top three fastest internet browsers over all. Benchmarks Octobor 28 2017

1. opera-linux-deb-64bit-ver49.0.2725.39.deb - Opera 64bit for Linux is the fastest browser.

2. slimjet-linux-64bit-ver16.0.7.0.deb - Slimjet 64bit for Linux is the second fastest browser.

3. Chromium (NOT GOOGLE CHROME) 64bit for Linux (Use the Software Center to install) is the third fastest browser.


Top three fastest browsers in the slower operating system Windows 10 Pro (RS2)

1. opera-all-windows-64bit-ver49.0.2725.34.exe - Opera 64bit for Windows is the fastest browser in Windows.

2. chromium-win-7-8-8.1-10-64bit-ver62.0.3202.94.exe - Chromium (NOT GOOGLE CHROME) 64bit for Windows.

3. comodo-dragon-all-windows-ver58.0.3029.115.exe - Comodo Dragon 32bit for Windows is the third fastest browser.


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