Last Update - April 21 2019 05:43pm


Top three fastest internet browsers over all. Benchmarks March 23 2019

1. Chromium version 73.0.3683.86 (NOT GOOGLE CHROME) 64bit for Linux is the fastest browser. (Software Center)

2. slimjet-linux-64bit-ver22.0.4.0.deb - Slimjet 64bit for Linux.

3. brave-browser-64bit-ver0.62.51.deb - New Chromium based 64bit browser for Linux.


Top three fastest browsers in the so much slower operating system Windows 10 Pro 64bit.

1. brave-all-win-64bit-ver0.62.51.exe - New Chromium based 64bit browser for Windows.

2. slimjet-win-7-8-10-64bit-ver22.0.4.0.exe - Slimjet 64bit for Windows.

3. slimjet-win-7-8-10-32bit-ver22.0.4.0.exe - Slimjet 32bit for Windows.


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